5 Steps for Business Owners to Improve Work/Life Balance

You can make adjustments to get more family time now. 5 steps for business owners to improve work/life balance.

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May 21st, 2017
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I can’t believe this year I’ll be entering my 14th year in business and in public accounting and bookkeeping. I’ve told you before that I LOVE numbers, but I really really love helping my small and medium-sized business owners keep their businesses focused by helping them with their day-to-day bookkeeping and core accounting tasks. I also love hearing about my client’s families and accomplishments outside of the workplace.

Besides bookkeeping, one of the biggest topics I speak to my clients about is how they run a successful business and balance their family life. To be honest with you, a lot of my clients spend an excessive amount of time focused on their company. Of course, when you’re running a business and it’s growing, it can be exciting and you have to devote the time to it. But there are a few who have mastered the work/life balance act, and they seem to be the most successful clients of mine.

As a mom, I wanted to know the secret to balancing work and home. Here’s how my small business owner clients keep their businesses and families thriving (bonus, I do a lot of these things already too):

  • WORK WHEN YOUR FAMILY’S ASLEEP – If you have a regular 9 to 5 business this might not work, but there are always things that business owners can do while their family’s asleep. If you’re an early bird and want to be there to take the kids to school, then why not wake up at 5am, get some office time in and then be there for breakfast or to shuttle your kids to school. If you’re more of a late night owl, then consider leaving the office to coach your child’s little league game, but finish up the work once you’ve put your kids to bed. Technology now makes it easy to work even at odd hours of the day.
  • DELEGATE DUTIES – Most small business owners start off doing it all themselves. But once you’ve grown your business and/or brought employees on board, you should consider delegating duties. Delegating tasks and outsourcing duties like bookkeeping is a good way to gain back time to devote to your family. Consider delegating duties if you’re not doing so already.
  • CUT OUT THE COMMUTE – At least one day a week, some of my clients say they work from home. This enables them to spend the time they would be stuck in traffic with their family instead. Traffic, especially in Miami, can equal two hours a day for some families and if you multiply that by five days a week, that’s 10 hours you could be devoting to your family. With everything on the cloud these days, it’s easy to share files and work from anyplace that has a computer.
  • FOCUS ON YOUR FAMILY – Even if you spend a crazy amount of time at work, remember to always focus on your family. Nourish relationships with your spouse or significant other and children, so they don’t resent the time you spend at work. Remember, in the end, no matter how great a businessman or woman you are, without a family or someone to share your accomplishments with, then you’re all alone.
  • HAVE FUN – The best way to have a work/life balance is to make sure you’re having fun. If you don’t have fun, then what’s all the work for? It’s okay to talk business, but if you’re not going through tough times, make sure to have fun and enjoy the journey.

Yes, it is possible for small business owners to balance work and family life. And these are just some of the ways my clients and I do it. If you have a great balancing act tip, I want to hear from you. E-mail me your best advice for balancing work and family.

I have to say the two best things in my life are my family and my company. Without Brigade Bookkeeping, I’m not sure my identity would be complete. But without my daughter Katelyn, my abuelita and my family, I might not be the fighter and strong business woman I am today. For sure, work and family go hand in hand; I appreciate both, I hope you do too!

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