Change is Good – Announcing Brigade Bookkeeping!

Brigade Bookkeeping
August 29th, 2014
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Brigade Bookkeeping StaffChange can be uncomfortable, but it’s also a good thing. Imagine if we couldn’t learn new things, if we had to remain at the same job we didn’t love or if we had the same routine every single day? How boring would that be? Change helps us grow and can lead to amazing adventures.

Our company is on a new adventure; we have changed our name to BRIGADE BOOKKEEPING and opened a sister company,  BRIGADE BOOKKEEPING DEPLOYED! Our new name reflects the fact that we’ll keep doing what we’re best at, bookkeeping, and now we are also going to do it anywhere our clients want us to go in South Florida through our sister company, Brigade Bookkeeping Deployed.

So we want to take the opportunity to share the essentials of a bookkeeper (which happens to be what we do):


  • BOOKKEEPING & ACCOUNTING – Managing your company’s financial records is the cornerstone to growth and success of your business. Your bookkeeper or accounting firm should act in your best financial interest and help you develop a roadmap for financial success, while minimizing your bottom line. If your bookkeeper isn’t doing this, now might be the time to have a talk with him or her or look to a bookkeeping company for help.
  • ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE TRAINING – Some business owners do not want to relinquish managing their company’s finances. We understand that. That’s why at Brigade Bookkeeping, we can provide comprehensive software training and support to allow you to take the reins and be your own in-house Accounting Department.
  • PAYROLL PROCESSING AND HR SUPPORT – Of all the functions of your business, the one that should be the least complicated and easy to manage is your payroll. Our company can help increase the productivity of your employees who are managing this process manually, and give them the peace of mind that there won’t be any disruptions in their payroll schedule.
  • ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE COLLECTIONS – Your bookkeeper shouldn’t be spending countless hours collecting payment from your customers. Brigade Bookkeeping has a systematic collection process that speeds up collections and increases cash flow. Contact me if you need help with this process.


Hopefully your bookkeeper or accountant is looking out for your best interest and financial success. If not, consider calling BRIGADE BOOKKEEPING, your go-to bookkeeping help. We may be changing our name, but our superior bookkeeping service continues. So join us on our new adventure; we’re looking forward to it!

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