We Are Not Data Input Monkeys (with Apologies to Monkeys)

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February 9th, 2020
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I often talk about my dislike for manual tasks that interfere with highly-skilled work, are subject to human error, and keep businesses from evolving and staying competitive.

If we aren’t adapting our business to available technology that eliminates the manual input part and improves speed and accuracy, we’re going to get left in the dust.

That goes for those of us in accounting and bookkeeping, and it goes for you, too. We are not data input monkeys (DIMs), and you shouldn’t be either. Here’s why we’re doing all we can to change perceptions of us as a bunch of DIMs.

DIMs Pigeonhole Us
I love it when I can blow the mind of a prospect. It often happens when they have this old-school image of life as an accountant/bookkeeper. First, I need to shatter the idea of an older, balding man in an unkempt office peering down through his bifocals and hunched over an adding machine. Then, I show them how we are focused on incorporating ways to automate data input so we can work on more important things, like helping them stay profitable!

DIMs Devalue Our Work
All kidding aside about the clichéd image of an accountant, when a prospect believes we’re mostly about data input, they don’t quite understand the complexity and value of our work. Sometimes, a prospect is looking at the costs of our services and, believing it’s essentially recordkeeping work, will scoff at the price tag.

Yes, we are helping you maintain an accurate record of vital information like cost and earnings, profit and loss, and liabilities and assets. But also, we put that valuable information to work. We find opportunities for growth, reasons to upgrade your technologies, streamline processes, and improve customer transactions, among many other business goals.

We Don’t Want You to be a DIM Either
When we consider taking on a new client, we are frank about our 21st-century mindset. We want our clients to be right there with us. We suggest ways to streamline how their financial information is captured and recorded and offer to train staff members on how to use new technologies. If they are more comfortable doing things the way they already know, then we politely decline their business and will try to direct them to another firm that might be able to help.

Our Message Centered on Future Success
All of my anti-monkey preaching (with apologies to actual monkeys) comes from one inescapable fact: Our entire industry is changing. It’s already happening. Desktop accounting software systems are being converted to cloud-based platforms with smart technologies. If I’m not evolving my business to this reality, eventually, clients won’t need our help.

Nothing makes me happier than to change your negative perceptions and pleasantly surprise you. I am not here to just accurately record your financial information into ledgers. I recognize the worth of a valuable partnership that’s built on helping you succeed. I can’t wait to have a conversation with you about our future together. Let’s talk soon!

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