Paycheck Protection Program and Additional Resources for Your Business

Paycheck Protection Program and Additional Resources for Your Business
April 9th, 2020
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If you are a small, independent business experiencing financial hardships, you’ve likely heard about the enactment of the Paycheck Protection Program and loan options made possible through the CARES Act. Did you know that the PPP can offer the potential for complete loan forgiveness and that loan proceeds will directly help small businesses KEEP their employees during these challenging times? Do you know how to apply for the various relief options and what scams to avoid? If you have questions, visit Brigade’s small-business resource library for answers.

Here are three things I want everyone to keep in mind as you navigate the options available:

If you are applying for the Payroll Protection Program, ensure you submit your PPP application to an authorized banking institution or credit union.

  1. For Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL), submit your application through the SBA.govwebsite – it is the only place these applications are currently being accepted.
  2. Do NOT work with anyone who is charging a fee. Banks and authorized agents are not charging fees.

While Brigade has been directly assisting our clients in accessing these financial relief programs, we want everyone to have free access to the resources they need. Visit our Small Business Support and Resource Library to discover the tools available to help you persevere. There, you can watch our recent webinars, review our toolkit, and take steps to protect your business now.

There is help out there, but there are also sophisticated scammers counting on your anxiety to tempt you into working with them. If you need personalized assistance with the PPP Loan Program or if you need help navigating the relief options your business is eligible for – reach out to our team directly.

Take care and be safe,

Elizabeth Manso

President, Brigade Bookkeeping

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