Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent on Your Team

Here are a few of my experiences and ideas for retaining the best employees:

Here are a few of my experiences and ideas for retaining the best employees:
January 22nd, 2017
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For the first time in eight years, we have a new President leading the country. Goodbye President Barack Obama and hello President Donald Trump. No matter what your party line, the fact of the matter is that there’s a new captain at the helm and a whole new crew to support him. I wish our new President luck because the better he does, the better off the U.S.A. could be.

I bring up the 45th President of the United States and his brand new cabinet because I think this is a good time to talk about how to hire and retain the best players for your team. If you’re a business owner who has employees, then you know, hiring and keeping the right team member is a challenge. Here are a few of my experiences and ideas for retaining the best employees:

  • HIRE RIGHT FROM THE START – Hiring the right person means doing a lot of research and interviews with your potential candidate. Do you need a professional with years of experience or are you looking for someone who may be young and a fast learner? Does that person have the ability to do the job? Do they believe in your same work philosophy? Sometimes overlooking one quality over another is a must, but making sure the person is a right fit from the start is the best way to retain a top prospect and keep them happy on the job.
  • A TEAM PLAYER – Besides making sure someone has the right qualifications, it’s important to thoroughly interview a candidate to make sure he or she is going to be an asset on your team. Does your candidate believe in the team approach or is he or she a loner? Hiring someone with the same mindset and goals is a great idea and a strong precursor of a great future employee.
  • PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT – Hiring a recruiting company is a good idea. But if you want to have the best team, then make sure you are involved in the hiring when it comes to your top executives or key employees. I find hiring the best people, with the best qualifications, usually results in increased work productivity and employee retention.
  • DON’T COMPROMISE – If you are looking for a certain talent, but haven’t found it, don’t give up. You shouldn’t choose second best in talents and qualifications because you need to fill a position. I always like to have the best on my team, so at Brigade Bookkeeping, we don’t compromise on that. In the past, even if I didn’t have a position open when I meet a talented individual, I kept track of them in case I needed someone in the future.

So hopefully during this new year, business growth will lead you to need a few new staff members. Follow my advice to hire and retain the best employees. Until then, let’s wish our new President and ourselves lots of luck and God bless the U.S.A.!

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