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May 26th, 2019
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There’s an interesting story behind one of my recent social media posts on our company Facebook page. It performed well with a high number of “likes” and “clicks.” People who had not interacted with Brigade Bookkeeping posts before were “liking” this one.

Here’s what’s unique about the post: It wasn’t about bookkeeping, it was about my wonderful friend Dee Adames, the Owner and Master Stylist behind DA Hair Studio in Hollywood, FL. Yes, Dee is a client, but my post wasn’t about the work I do for her, it was an appreciation for the superb work she does for me. I just had to take a moment to praise her outstanding technical skills and her studio’s top-notch customer service.

The power of collaborating

The success of the post speaks to an aspect of social media relationship building that’s not often spoken about: How different businesses can mutually benefit from the same post. Often, we focus on finding ways to build relationships with our customers and prospects. Less often, we look for ways to build relationships with our vendors and the businesses we patronize.

Not new, but a new way to benefit

Collaborating with other businesses isn’t new, but social media offers numerous new ways for you to collaborate, and benefit from each other. Social media allows different businesses to support each other in an organic, sincere, “feel good” way that lasts. Followers of both businesses share the posts, and they can be published—without extra costs—to other online channels.

Tag from your business page

I always leave DA Hair Studio feeling beautiful, and so I took a moment to make my experience into a relevant, business-related post. You can do the same by coming up with ways to add your favorite vendors and local businesses into your relationship-building strategy.

Whether you’re a wedding planner impressed by the happy couple’s florist, or an insurance broker who found the perfect anniversary present at a family-owned jewelry store, show your appreciation by tagging them in a post from your business page. When you do, you’ll help their business and yours gain new audience views.

Tap into the power of another customer base

Just like your company, these businesses have devoted tremendous resources to building a solid database, distribution list and viewing audience to promote their channels and websites. Leveraging their audiences, and vice-versa, is not just fantastic marketing for your business, it can be part of a larger, community-building strategy that gets your company recognized and patronized

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