CPAs Need Bookkeepers Too

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December 2nd, 2018
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To the untrained eye (aka: The non-financial professionals who are looking to hire one) “accounting,” “bookkeeping,” and “CPA” are all interchangeable. We, the professionals, know the differences and help our clients to understand the best choices for their circumstances. But, have you ever considered our ability to help one another?

Accounting and bookkeeping go hand in hand. Unfortunately, bookkeeping can eat away at valuable time for a CPA. For this reason, we often partner with CPA firms to handle their clients’ bookkeeping needs. If you haven’t considered a partnership before, here’s an overview of how the CPA/bookkeeper partnership can work:

What services can a bookkeeper provide for a CPA’s clients?

We can do as little or as much as needed. At Brigade the team is responsible for carrying out ongoing bookkeeping tasks that include:

  • Downloading and entering daily, weekly, and monthly banking and credit card transactions
  • Paying vendor bills and invoicing clients
  • Transmitting payroll through a third-party payroll provider
  • Reconciling balance sheets to ensure income figures in the profit & loss statement are accurate
  • Preparing and explaining monthly financial reports
  • Preparing and providing accounting information for any necessary audit and tax schedules
  • Acting as liaison between the client and the CPA

Why is it important for CPA firms to work with a bookkeeping company, especially one like Brigade?

Working with a bookkeeping firm reduces a CPA’s time spent on the minutia, thus enhancing the quality of time spent with their client on what they were hired to do. This could reduce their tax liability and/or help them perform the highest quality audits, reviews, which strengthens the relationship. You may already know our team can perform routine bookkeeping functions to assist clients with their financial reporting headaches, and we offer the same for CPA firms who could use our assistance.

Why refer your clients to Brigade?

At Brigade, we take referrals very seriously. We know that when an accounting firm chooses us, we become a direct reflection on the CPA, which is why we pride ourselves on providing high-caliber work that fits each of their clients’ unique needs. We work hard because we know you are relying on us for:

  • Dependability and accuracy.
  • Delivering the books on time
  • Needing only a few adjustments, if any!
  • Ensuring your clients feel as though working with us is a seamless process. We make sure they know we care about them, and want their business to succeed and continue to grow.

Are you a CPA firm interested in learning more about our partnership? Or, do you work with a CPA firm that could benefit from our services? We are here to answer your questions about outsourced bookkeeping. Be sure to contact us today.

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