Bookkeeping Client Scenarios: HELP! I Need a New Bookkeeper!

Bookkeeping is the pulse of your business. Without accurate bookkeeping, it’s hard to make sound financial decisions.

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October 14th, 2018
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Bookkeeping is the pulse of your business. Without accurate bookkeeping, it’s hard to make sound financial decisions.

That’s one reason so many companies are deciding to forego an in-house bookkeeper and make the switch to Brigade Bookkeeping.

We love that so many people trust us with their books because we love to keep them in order. But do you know if your bookkeeper is as passionate about his or her work as we are? When we bring on a new client, we ask them to tell us why they chose us. Here are some of the top reasons clients obtain bookkeeping help:


    Are your books such a mess that you postpone handing them over to your accountant come tax time? That results in accountants asking for tax extensions in order to be complaint with the IRS. If this scenario sounds familiar, did you know that those extensions could cost you in the form of monetary penalties? Don’t let your books pile up. At Brigade Bookkeeping, we reconcile our client’s books on time to make every federal and state deadline. We even include a monthly report, profit and loss statement and balance sheet so clients can turn it over to their accountant.


    Whether you have an in-house bookkeeper or outside firm handling your books, make sure your bookkeeper isn’t spread too thin. We hear from new clients that their bookkeeper just couldn’t keep up and missed important deadlines, like payroll and sales tax deadlines. That can result in additional fines and interest payments. At Brigade Bookkeeping, we have an entire team to handle your company’s books. So that means if one of our bookkeepers is out sick or has too much on their plate, another one picks up the work, so no deadlines are ever missed.


    We hear from a lot of new clients about their decision to turn to our services because the family member or friend they employed was not doing their books correctly. Some took advantage of the friendship to work a second job or take on another client on the side, leaving their company’s books incomplete.


    Some of our clients have their own  in-house bookkeeper, but decide to hire us as a second set of eyes on their very valuable books. We review the company’s financials and prevent possible mistakes, while keeping everyone honest.


    If you’re about to undergo a big financial deal, like a large property purchase, and are working with an auditing firm, you may want to make sure your bookkeeper is competent and complies with financial regulations. Our bookkeeping professionals make sure books meet generally accepted accounting principles. Brigade Bookkeeping is often called in to fix a client’s books and then keep them compliant moving forward.

More and more, small to medium sized businesses are turning to Brigade Bookkeeping for help with their monthly bank reconciliations, to keep up with accounts payable and receivable, and to maintain the financial health of their business. Do YOU need our help?  Check out our video to see if any of these case studies represent your situation.

If you don’t have someone reliable on your team to do the books, then please consider Brigade Bookkeeping. We love to help and love to crunch the numbers!

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