BOO! Time to Trick or Treat!

We’ll be among the millions of people spending $9.1 billion dollars on Halloween! Here are some other interesting Halloween facts:

Brigade Bookkeeping staff posing in the office which they have decorated for Halloween with spider webs.
October 30th, 2017
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Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up this year? I am and so is my staff at Brigade Bookkeeping. No, we’re not dressing up as bookkeepers who happen to be accountants, but we have decked out our offices and will be wearing some pretty interesting costumes on October 31st.

We’ll be among the millions of people spending $9.1 billion dollars on Halloween, according to a new survey by the National Retail Federation and Proper Insights & Analytics. Here are some other interesting Halloween facts:

  • COSTUME EXPENSES – If you’re planning to buy a costume, then you’re among the revelers who plan to spend an average $86.13 on a costume this year. More money will be spent on costumes then on candy this year.
  • 2017’s MOST POPULAR COSTUMES – If you Google Halloween costumes, the top hits are superheroes, like Wonder Woman (thanks to the release of the DC comic book movie), clowns (in particular Penny Wise from the movie, “It”), princesses, and unicorns.
  • TRICK OR TREAT – Do you remember trick or treating and getting a lame box of raisins? As a kid, I really loved it when people gave me coins because as an accountant, I have always valued money, including everything from nickels to pennies. I’ve heard of people getting canned food, old toys and even soap. What’s the weirdest Halloween treat you’ve ever gotten while trick or treating? I want to know, email me!

I love Halloween; it really is one of my favorite holidays. Not sure if it’s because adults get to dress up and take part in the holiday or if it reminds me of all the costumes I wore as a kid.

So whether you get dressed up or not, enjoy the day. I hope this Halloween is filled with treats for you, and not tricks!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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