Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What kind of reports do I get?

A: Usually a balance sheet & profit & loss as well as other reports based on your needs.

2. Q: What kind of accounting software do you use?

A: We use QuickBooks as our basic accounting software. We also work with other outstanding software such as Xero and PC Law.

3. Q: How do I get information to you?

A: Since we are used to working with clients throughout the US, we’ve devised a system where you don’t have to do much for us to retrieve the information from you through the power of the internet.

4. Q: What information do you need?

A: Check copies or check stubs, bank deposit slips, monthly bank statements, credit card statements, employee information, etc.

5. Q: How can you save us money?

A: Full-time employees need training and supervision, they receive expensive employee benefits, and you incur costs in hiring them and in equipping them. Also think of the money you will save when you hand your tax accountant professionally prepared financials rather than a box of receipts or a disorganized QuickBooks file.

6 Q: How much are your fees?

A: We offer our clients a cost-effective way to provide our clients with a customized full-service bookkeeping without a “surprise” hourly bill every month through our fixed monthly retainers. Set up a free consultation with Elizabeth to get your free, no obligation quote today!

7. Q: Are you less expensive than a CPA?

A: Yes, we are CPA’s charging more economical bookkeeper rates. In fact many of our accounting and bookkeeping clients are referrals from medium & large sized CPA firms who want to save their clients money and who trust us to make sure their clients are well taken care of by a professional bookkeeping firm.

8. Q: Why should I hire a professional bookkeeping firm, instead of a solo bookkeeper?

A: Well, with us, you will be taken care of by a team of professional bookkeepers and accountants and we’re available to you 5 days a week. A lot of clients come to us from solo bookkeepers, because they’ve had problems with getting a hold of them when they have an accounting related question, because they don’t receive their information on a timely basis or because the bookkeeper doesn’t “know what they’re doing.”

9. Q: Does your firm have a guarantee?

A: Absolutely!! Once we’ve streamlined your bookkeeping system, we guarantee you will have your monthly financial reports by the 25th of every month, without you lifting a finger, if you follow our system OR your bookkeeping fee is on us for next month! You can’t lose!