It’s Official: Single Moms Can Do It All!

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October 21st, 2013
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super-momIt’s official, I’m a single mom! No, my other half, Will Manso, and I are NOT getting a divorce (so don’t start spreading rumors). Will is getting a promotion! Not only is he the Sports Director and a Sports Anchor at WPLG, Channel 10, South Florida’s local ABC affiliate, but he’s now going to host some extra shows.

I’m very excited for him and wanted to share the conversation we had when he told me the news.

Will: “Guess what honey, I’m now going to be the pre, halftime and post Heat show Host on Fox-Sun Sports during the entire basketball season.”

My reaction: “Oh My Gosh honey (with a smile), that’s FANTASTIC!”

My reaction (as reality sets in, still smiling, but maybe not as much): “Oh no, does that mean you will have to work more and won’t be home as much?”

Will: “I love you too!” (said with a very big smile and accompanied by a big hug)

Remember last June, when the Miami Heat made it to the NBA Finals? My newsletter read, “How the Heat is Making me a Single Mom” because of all the traveling Will had to do to cover the games. Will’s recent promotion really is great news, but it’s going to be even worse this time.

See, there was a lot of travel and more responsibility for me to get Katelyn, our daughter, to school and to her activities. I was thrilled when the Heat took home the Championship, not only because they’re my favorite team and I wanted them to win, but because I had my husband back home. Now it’s starting all over again…. Ahhh!

The Heat season officially kicks off next week on October 29th against the Chicago Bulls. For the entire Heat season, single mom it is. How does the song go, “I Will Survive”! I don’t know how real single moms or dads do it? I would love to hear from you with any advice.

For now though, I will use you all the single moms and dads in the world as inspiration. Kudos to You and Let’s Go Heat!

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