THE CALVARY IS HERE: 4 Ways to Get Help After a Natural Disaster

4 ways your small business can get help with recovery after a natural disaster

September 24th, 2017
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This hurricane season has been a vicious one for so many Americans, from Texas, to Florida and the SE U.S., and now, even Puerto Rico.

Last week, I focused on small business owners affected by Hurricane Irma.  Since then, many of you have reached out to me to thank Brigade Bookkeeping for the information and asked for more. So today, in light of Hurricane Maria and the 7.1 earthquake in Mexico on September 19th, I want to offer these tips for both small business owners and individuals:

  • FEDERAL SMALL BUSINESS LOANS – Last week, we told you about Florida Governor Rick Scott’s activation of Florida’s Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program to support businesses affected by the storm and get them operational again. The federal government, through the U.S. Small Business Administration or SBA, also offers disaster loan assistance. Your business must be located in a Presidential and SBA Agency Declared Disaster zone, like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina or Puerto Rico. To apply, log on here. Then, create an account or contact 1-800-877-8339.
  • FEDERAL DISLOCATED WORKER GRANTS – This week, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced the state has been awarded federal Dislocated Worker Grants to provide temporary employment opportunities to Floridians who may have lost their jobs due to the impact of Hurricane Irma. This program provides disaster relief employment in the form of temporary jobs (like humanitarian assistance support and the demolition, cleaning and repair of damaged structures and facilities) that support storm response and recovery efforts. For more information about this program, visit Career Source Florida.
  • THE DISASTER UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE (DUA) PROGRAM – This program provides assistance to businesses and residents whose employment or self-employment was lost or interrupted as a result of Hurricane Irma or Maria. To apply for DUA, go to, or call the Florida Disaster Unemployment Assistance Line at 1-800-385-3920.
  • FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA) HELP – FEMA is the federal agency that helps victims of disaster with individual and family assistance. If you’re a Hurricane Maria or Hurricane Irma victim, the fastest way to register is online at  Or, if you don’t have internet access, you can call 1-800-621-3362.

Brigade Bookkeeping weathered the storm without too much damage, but so many people we know are still recovering from these natural disasters. If there’s anything we can do to help (like keep your books up to date), please feel free to reach out to me or the Brigade Bookkeeping team any time. We are here for you!

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